Traditional cuisine of this area


The Province of Pistoia boasts numerous quality food products that testify the goodness and the excellence of the territory in which they are produced. Fruit of man’s labour and of his profound bond with the environment, many typical products of this land have reached levels of excellency. Imagination, creativity and passion are the added value that have allowed many products to be known outside the regional and even national borders.
Even in this part of Tuscany, slow food protection organisations have been created for biodiversity, in support of the small quantity excellence production at risk of disappearing, in revaluation of the territory and by recuperating traditional arts and crafts. Among the products is the Bean of Sorana or the Pecorino cheese from the Pistoia mountains as well as the most typical products such as fruits of the underwood of the Pistoia mountain, chestnuts, bread, salami, cold cuts, oil, wine, chocolate in the famous Chocolate Valley, the Montecatini Terme wafer, Lamporecchio brigidini and the Pistoia confetti.
The love of the Tuscan people for good food is universally known.

The Pistoia cuisine is, first of all, a rustic one, simple, made of genuine flavours that have incredibly remained unaltered. The typical elements of the local tradition dominate: insipid bread (fresh, roasted or stale is the basis of so many dishes such as the cabbage soup or Ribollita, pappa al pomodoro (tomato soup), black crostini, the panzanella (a bread soup); the vegetables (that give origin to delicious soups and delicious fried food); the legumes (the ones all’uccelletto and al fiasco are also an excellent basis for soups and minestroni). All is accompanied by an excellent, dense and perfumed olive oil.
What can be said of the meat dishes? From those that use precious parts like the Florentine Steak and pork loin to those that are so poor based even on entrails (tripe, lampredotto, carcerato, cioncia), to end with recipes based on poultry and game: these delicious dishes are served combined with excellent local red, white and rosé wines known even beyond the regional borders.
The typical patisserie products of Pistoia, as in the whole of Tuscany, have the peculiarity of being quite dry. From the various specialities based on chestnut flour (castagnaccio, necci, fritters) up to other delicacies (brigidini, cantucci, berlingozzi ecc.). It is this characteristic, indeed, that makes them the perfect accompaniment of a fine end of meal accompanied by wines from the area like the Vin Santo.


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