Pleasant Pistoia, 20 minutes away from us


A few kilometres away from Villa Roseto, between Florence, Lucca and Pisa, off the most famous routes, the beautiful landscape, the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Province of Pistoia can reveal itself to be a real discovery: visitor swill recognise the harmony of natural beauty and masterpieces of art everywhere.

Whoever finds history exciting, is given the chance of an interesting journey into the past by, first of all, visiting the citiy of art Pistoia (and Pescia, if possible), where Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque are alive in artistic evidence.

Visiting Pistoia’s old town is like making a journey back in time.

The area of Montalbano, where our villa is located, it is a land rich in history, art and traditions, among the most beautiful in Tuscany, embraces a wide area between the provinces of Florence and Pisa. Its hills are rich in secular chestnut woods, vineyards and olive groves and offer the tourist a rural landscape that is still intact, a destination for excursions and walks in the open air. Along the ancient roads, by means of the itineraries of the “Strada dell’olio e del vino del Montalbano -Le colline di Leonardo” tourists can simultaneously enjoy the typical local products and visit the picturesque villages that characterize these places so loved by Leonardo who chose to dwell here. Then there is the mountain of Pistoia, a real paradise for the lovers of winter sports. Here you can find some of the most beautiful and equipped ski resorts of the Tuscan Apennines, like Abetone and Doganaccia, renowned and frequented by who loves skiing and sport tourism.

The great number of hiking tracks, the variety of sports activities on offer, the wonderful natural surroundings, clean air and good cuisine are a regenerating mix that should not be missed. To enjoy some wellness and thermal treatments one can make a stop in Montecatini or Monsummano with Grotta Giusti. The thermal baths in Montecatini Terme offer 50.000 sqm of thermal structures and 9 beautiful spas immersed in 430,000 m2 of beautiful parks. The spas Tettuccio, Regina, Leopoldine, La Salute, Torretta, Redi, Excelsior, Tamerici, and the thermal Institute Grocco offer a complete system of treatment therapies and services by qualified medical doctors. The purest salty-sulphate-alkaline water, rich in precious minerals, is unique in the world.

Montecatini is also the ideal place for those who want to get fit and in shape. In its thermal baths, it is possible to practise the most innovative methods of wellness and beauty techniques, such as massages, sauna, body and facial treatments, slimming and anti-ageing programmes.


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