Eating out around us


Infinite are the itineraries and tours that allow visitors to explore Tuscany, a unique and singular country known around the world for the variety of its landscapes and terrains – a country in perfect equilibrium between the sea, mountains, hills and plains. Whether in car, train, camper, bus, boat, scooter or bike, travelers can leave the typical touristic routes and visit the less-frequented towns and villages to find the true heart of the Italian lifestyle. The origins of Tuscan food are rather rustic, as we can see from its basic ingredients: bread, even stale bread, spelt, legumes and vegetables.

Some typical appetizers are crostini (toasted bread) topped by spreads like cream of chicken liver and spleen, panzanella, and salame, including finocchiona, a fennel-flavored salame. 

The typical first course is soup, like the famous ribollita or bean soup, spelt soup, pici (a type of spaghetti from the area of Siena), or pappardelle with hare.

famous fish dish is cacciucco soup, followed by mullets and the stockfish stew of Livorno.
Among meat dishes, the bistecca fiorentina (grilled T-bone steak) is the most popular; guinea-fowl meat, pork and game are quite common as well. 

The typical desserts are castagnaccio (chestnut cake), buccellato (anise cake) and cantucci.
Wine production here is excellent for both variety and quality: Tuscany produces the finest wines in Italy, from Chianti to Vino Nobile MontepulcianoBrunello di MontalcinoVernaccia di San Gimignano and many more. Vin Santo, a sweet and liqueur-like wine, is paired with cantucci (almond cookies, or what Americans refer to as biscotti).

These are the restaurants we recommend around us.

La Torre Montecatini Alto Piazza Giusti 0572   70650
La Bottegaia Pistoia Via del Lastrone, 17 0573   365602
Mason Sant’Allucio Via Parri, 56 0572   451363
Da Marino Serravalle pistoiese Via provinciale lucchese 102 – 51030 0573    51042
Cecco Pescia Vle. Francesco Forti 84 0572 47 79 55

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