*this month*

April – Weeks of the 6th, the 13th, the 20th and the 27th

Chef Alice’s “Herbs & Vegetable Garden Week” for Aprilurl-4

Saturday – Welcome Dinner and Wine Tasting at the Villa
Sunday – Sunday Lunch involving traditional dishes – antipasti, meat or fish, roasted vegetables, sweets and local wine
Monday – Merendino del Pellegrino (Brunch of the Pilgrim) in the villa’s garden – pic nic style in case of sunny weather
Tuesday – A day for Cooking Lesson and Dinner with Alice: discovering the secrets of Tuscan cucina povera and herbs
Wednesday – Wine Tasting in Awarded Winery of Lucca (Best White 2012) including private Guide. Lunch in local Locanda and restaurant will follow (menù à la càrte)
Thursday – Lunch & Wine Tasting in Guamo, with visit to the vegetable garden of this rural company specilized in 0-kilometer organic food policy, including private Guide. A walk in Lucca will follow, shopping and guide with chef and Tour Guide Alice
Friday – Themed farewell dinner with Slow Food cheeses and cold cuts, red wine and grappa
Offer: € 1.500,00 per night, maximum 15 guests, 7 nights minimum – contact your local agents to book your Herbs & Vegetable Garden Week



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