Guest book

June 2013 (L.C.)

Very, very beatiful. All along the line, we give a 10. We have had an amazing time!! Groetjes,

  1. Would you please, when you have the time, rate the villa you are staying in, from 1 to 10, 1 being appalling and 10 being superbe? 10
  2. Are you satisfied with our on-grounds staff? If so how would you rate the following, from 1 to 10, 1 being appalling and 10 being superbe? 10
  3. Cooking Service Antonio 10
  4. Cooking Service Chiara 10
  5. IT assistant  10
  6. Concierge MEG 1O
  7. Also: how do you feel we passed your infos onto the on-grounds company, from 1 to 10, 1 being negligent and 10 being perfect? 10

December 2012 – Perfection (B.C., Canada)

August 2012 – We are back at home and normal live is starting again. With this mail we would like to thank you again for all your help, starting with the search for a holiday home for our family and for introducing the Villa Roseto to us as an opportunity.  The house it’s self was amazing and made our stay in Tuscany unforgettable. Your guide for the surrounding area was very helpful and we have been to many of the restaurants you recommended. Off course the time that we stayed in Tuscany was to short but that leaves us the opportunity to come back next year and explore Tuscany again a bit further. Thanks again and you will hear from us for a holiday home next summer and hope that you again can present us with such an opportunity! Kind regards, (X. D., Swiss)

July 2012 –Absolutely fantastic ..behind all expectations and Jo is a jewel Thanks so much! (C.W., Canada)

June 2012 – Hello Maggy, I hope you have had a wonderful summer! We are still dreaming of Italy, what an incredible trip … (R.P. Usa)

Please, if you have been a guest of ours, leave your comment here. If you want, please sign your name and last name as well – Thank you!


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