Terms and conditions

CHECK IN – CHECK OUT: Weeks begin Saturday 16:00 and end Saturday at 10:00, generally. If arrival later than 20.00 need to make specific arrangements. No provision to leave luggage.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: To confirm the booking we require 50% of total while the balance of 50%, together with indicated damage deposit, must be paid at least 90 days prior to arrival. Guests can choose to send APA via bank wire at the time of balance or to bring it in cash on arrival. In order to book this property you will be addressed to our best representative in your area. Your licensed agent will help you with our booking procedure and guarantee your stay at our villa, organize your extra services and supply concierge service.

TOURISM CITY LEVY: The tourism levy, in effect in Italy from the 1st of May 2012, will be used to finance measures to improve tourism, including those supporting tourist accommodation facilities and the recovery, maintenance and enjoyment of the town cultural and environmental heritage, as well as for local public services. Anyone staying in tourist accommodation has to pay the levy; the levy is due per person and for each night’s stay, up to a maximum of 6 consecutive nights. Rate in our town: 0,00 Euro per person

CANCELLATIONS: In case of cancellation of the Reservation, we reserve the right to charge part of the Total Price as follows:

  • 10% of the Total Price if cancellation is made 84 days before the date of the rental 
  • 50% of the Total Price if cancellation is made between 83 and 56 days before the date of the rental;
  • 85% of the Total Price if cancellation is made between 55 and 35 days before the date of the rental;
  • 100% of the Total Price if cancellation is made is made less than 35 days before the date of the rental;
  • 100% of total amount for no-shows.



  • The Guest agrees not to accommodate in the Property a number of persons higher than the maximum specified in the Confirmation form and in the Property Description. The non-fulfilment of this obligation is subject to a penalty (an extra 30% ot the Total Price will be added to the total price of the Property for each extra person). The Guest will be asked beforehand or when checking-in to show or provide a photocopy of the identity document for each person occupying the Property.
  • Regarding to stays longer than 30 days, the list of guests, their personal information and information about the length of their stay will be communicated to the relevant Police station in accordance with that stipulated by legal decree 25 July 1998, n. 286 and successive amendments.
  • The Guest agrees to take due and proper care of the Property and to refrain from any action that may damage the Property. The Guest also agrees to use the Property in such a manner not to inconvenience people residing in the neighbourhood.
  • The Guest agrees to return the keys at the end of the holiday and not to duplicate the Property keys and/or give them to third parties and/or disclose to third parties any access code to enter the Property. The loss of the keys will result in compensation for the costs covering a new lock and 4 (four) new bunches of keys.
  • The Guest agrees not to bring animals of every kind into the Property without written consent.
  • If guests conduct themselves in such a manner as to cause a threat to staff, an intolerable disturbance (e.g. of neighbours), substantial damage to the property or if the provisions of the booking documents are violated in some other way, the lease may be terminated with immediate effect. Guests shall have to vacate the property immediately. In such case, guests shall not receive any refund and shall be liable or all costs incurred or to be incurred by such conduct.

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